Hey guys

I promise this blog’s still around!

But we had to take a hiatus to get more submissions. It’s almost been a month and we still don’t have enough to set up a decent queue. I’ll stock with what we have now and I’ll tone down the amount being posted per day, but please send us your history fan ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving, followers!

And for those who don’t celebrate it, happy Thursday.

Just reminding you that we’re waiting for more submissions before we start posting again. Both admins are currently in places without Photoshop, so we can’t make the images anyway.

Also! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, if you wanna submit a post on why you’re thankful for history or something/someone in history, go ahead! We’ll post all submissions we get. 

Oh, wow.

Sorry guys, I didn’t even notice that the queue emptied out! We still have about 20 more submissions saved that need to get added to the queue, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen yours yet.

Anyway, I’ve just opened submissions up again. Everything’s all sorted out now so we’re ready for more!

The other admin

(who is a woman)

looks like Billie Piper but with darker hair.

If you’re curious.

Sorry guys

The admins ended up taking a break over the weekend to prep for a totally awesome Halloween party. Which ended up not happening. I hope you all had great Halloween nights, though. (If you participated in the shenanigans. If you didn’t, I still hope your night was great.)

Posts will resume tomorrow.

Hey guys.

I’m gonna close submissions for a bit. We have so many right now and I wanna get through them all before accepting new ones. Thanks for being awesome and submitting so much!

Sorry if anyone caught that last post.

Sent it to the wrong blog.


First time checking in today and I see that none of the posts in the queue have gone out. It’s better than the queue posting everything at once, but still problematic. I’m going to email tumblr right now about the problem and hope I can fix it - I feel really bad about not getting these submissions out, especially since we have so many now.

Seriously though, thanks to all of you for putting up with this mess.

Final update.

I know I said I’d be doing manual uploads, but I tested out the queue on my personal blog last night and everything worked out fine. I’ll set up this blog’s queue tonight, and tomorrow the posts will resume. Thanks for putting up with the wait, everyone!


So I’ve just been informed that the queue issue isn’t something tumblr’s working too hard to fix. Since I don’t want to hold off the submissions much longer, I’ll start posting them manually. I’ll still be posting three a day, but instead of the usual times they’ll be posted later. I hope tumblr starts working on the queue’s problem, but until it does we’ll have to stick with this.